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     · Eating in Paris is cheap when you do your own shopping. Buy some bread, cheese, and meat at the local shops and have an outdoor picnic. It’s fun and will cost you a fraction of what a restaurant would. Paris Museum Pass – This is a prepaid card that gets you access to over 70 museums and monuments around Paris. A two-day pass costs €48 ($53 USD), a four-day pass costs €62 ($69 …

    The guide was updated: 2021-06-02. Few cities match the iconic status that Paris boasts in the imagination of travellers. In fashion, gastronomy, and the arts, she is queen. As you visit the different 'quartiers' of the City of Light, her moods shift from gritty to sophisticated, from Haute Couture to punk.

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     · The Paris Sewer Museum has been closed for a long time due to renovation works. It is expected to re-open its doors in 2021, so if you are in Paris, don’t miss this renovated museum! Hopefully, the underground Paris Sewer Tours will resume also soon. Walk through the Paris underground tunnels to learn the secrets of this underground world that manages the city’s water …


     · In this video, we'll explore one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, Paris. Explore its rich history, architecture, museums, shopping, food & m...

    Feast of the Assumption in Paris 2021 Figure of Mary and Baby Jesus carried in procession. The Fête de l'Assomption, a Roman Catholic religious celebration commemorating the Virgin Mary's rise to heaven at Notre Dame Cathedral, takes place on August 14-15 each year. When August 15 falls on a Friday - which it does not in 2021 - you may find many stores and restaurants closed as Parisians take the …


     · Districts of Paris Guide [2021] NOTE: the Arrondissements of Paris (or Districts of Paris) do not have names. Only the neighborhoods of Paris have names. For example, Paris 18 consists of four neighborhoods named Quartier des Carrières, Quartier de Clignancourt, Quartier de la Goutte d’Or, and Quartier de la Chapelle.

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